Seasonal Ingredients – October

As we move through the year it is definitely time for Autumn and Winter vegetables to really start to shine. In the kitchen we can make wonderful thick soups and potages, stews and casseroles. At the end of the month it is Halloween so a lovely pumpkin, coconut and chilli soup would be really tasty and then on Bonfire Night toffee apples are a must.


Specialty grocers and delicatessens will have plenty of wild mushrooms especially if the weather is warm and wet. Pumpkins and squashes should be in abundance and beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celeriac, chicory, leeks, marrows, onions, maincrop potatoes, shallots, sprouts, and swedes will all be readily available. To add flavour to your cooking you can find lots of herbs including chives, coriander, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, sorrel, thyme.


Roast PartridgeThe game season continues with grouse, guinea fowl, hare, mallard, partridge, pheasant, rabbit, venison and wood pigeon all in plentiful supply and Autumn lamb is in season.


Cockle ChowderLots of wonderfully flavoured fish is on the market cod, coley, dab, Dover sole, grey mullet, gurnard, haddock, halibut, hake, herring, lemon sole, ling, mackerel, monkfish, plaice, pollack, red mullet, skate, turbot and wild sea bass.

Shellfish available includes clams, crab, mussels, oysters, prawns, scallops, shrimps, squid whelks, and winkles.

Fruit and Nuts

The will be plenty of varieties of apples available, alongside blackberries, damsons, chestnuts, cobnuts, elderberries, hazelnuts, pears, plums as well as end of season raspberries and redcurrants. It is the season for fresh nectarines and walnuts and if you can find any sloes you can make the classic Sloe Gin Liqueur.

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