Seasonal Ingredients – December

As the cold, long winter nights really kick in we can really enjoy lots of hearty, filling dishes and great tasting produce such as game, clementines and delicious shellfish. We finish off the month with perhaps the biggest food feast of the year Christmas Day Lunch and all the delicious Christmas dishes and culinary treats.

Cooking with Beer – Beer and Cheese Bisque

When you work for a brewery you are not afraid to cook with beer, in Belgium, they cook with beer much as the French use wine. I think almost all aspiring food led pubs have included deep fried fish in a beer batter or a steak and ale pie on their menus at some stage and more recently they have started to include dishes such as diverse as beer bread, beer ice cream and beer can chicken. Virtually any recipe that calls for a liquid of any sort, the liquid can be substituted with beer.